Help your users
help themselves

Provide a better user experience and reduce the number of incoming support tickets with in-app help.

step 1

Enable in-app help

Let users find product features, articles, and more in-app – with Quick Search. Personalize results to increase relevance.

SimpoCare Insight: Relevance

Letting users search in their words

Users come from all different walks of life and often express what they’re trying to achieve in different words.

It’s critical to mirror their vocabulary when answering questions to ensure clarity. Our customers use Quick Search personalization to automatically display intelligent results that use the words in the original user’s query.

step 2

Make navigation searchable

Take users directly to an area of your product with a single click – even in single-page applications – with Shortcuts.

SimpoCare Insight: “Don’t make me think”

Removing friction from the experience

There’s something magical about a frictionless product experience – one that with a tap or a click, instantly takes you where you need to go.

However, the more features, the more complicated product navigation often becomes. Our customers use Shortcuts to take users where they need to go – instantly.

step 3

Bring knowledge into the app

Sync your knowledge articles, videos, images, and more into the app, or create your own – with Knowledge.

SimpoCare Insight: Knowledge relevance

Targeting knowledge by user params

Because external knowledge bases are built to be comprehensive, they place the burden of finding relevant content on the user (e.g. “this article is for plan X, not Y”).

Simpo lets you sync your external knowledge base, but target the content to users by params, feature usage, etc. You can even create personalized account-based content.

Our track record

Why you’ll love Simpo Plus

Simpo is a game-changer. We use it to make onboarding fast, get higher adoption, and collect feedback without users ever leaving the app.
Tom Ronen, VP @
Before Simpo, users would come in, look around, and get confused. Now we can give them the guidance they need right in the app.
Jeff Gove, VP @ Neat
What used to take us 3.5 hours to code and deploy each time now takes us a few minutes with Simpo. It changed the way we build and promote new features.
Product @ Walmart
I love Simpo: the product, the people, and the company, and the way the product and people combine effectively to support customers.
Rory Macneil, CEO and Co-Founder