Drive activation in your product

Enable your users to quickly find value and get to “aha!” Quickly iterate to optimize your product for growth.

step 1

Welcome users

Use targeted announcements to welcome users to your product and help them get started.

SimpoCare Insight: Relevance

Target messaging by use-case

A critical piece of driving user activation is making sure that your users see only messaging that is highly relevant to what they're trying to get done.

Our customers often connect Simpo to Salesforce, Segment, or other customer data platforms to create a personalized, use-case-based onboarding experience.

step 2

Guide users to value

Use interactive step-by-step walkthroughs to guide users through how features work.

SimpoCare Insight: Quick wins

Prioritize by customer value

User activation is the moment when your user actually got value. It’s critical, then, that you walk users through the features that drive the most value first.

Since this often varies by persona, we recommend that you target the correct content to the right users. You can do that with Simpo Segments.

step 3

Let users explore on their own

Let users “choose their own adventure” in what to do next. With Quick Search, users can take a shortcut to the features they care about most, or choose what to learn next.

SimpoCare Insight: Enable exploration

Putting users back in control

Too often we see products that bombard users with a heavy onboarding experience only to have the users quickly feel overwhelmed and exit out of it.

To prevent that, our customers use targeted suggestions in Quick Search to put to the user back in control while maintaining relevance.

Our track record

Why you’ll love Simpo

Simpo is a game-changer. We use it to make onboarding fast, get higher adoption, and collect feedback without users ever leaving the app.
Tom Ronen, VP @
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Before Simpo, users would come in, look around, and get confused. Now we can give them the guidance they need right in the app.
Jeff Gove, VP @ Neat
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What used to take us 3.5 hours to code and deploy each time now takes us a few minutes with Simpo. It changed the way we build and promote new features.
Product @ Walmart
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I love Simpo: the product, the people, and the company, and the way the product and people combine effectively to support customers.
Rory Macneil, CEO and Co-Founder
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