Understand and Guide Your Users

Build experiences that drive conversion and retention

On-Demand Learning Center

Smart Actions

Like a teleportation machine, Smart Actions instantly take your users to the right screen, and scroll to the right place.

Smart Answers

Snippets of the most relevant parts of your existing support articles that instantly answer customer questions.

Smart Escalations

Let your customers submit a ticket or open a chat when Simpo detects complexity, profanity, or frustration.

Live Demo

Get a feel for how it works on a mockup site that should feel familiar

Smart Insights

Understand what your customers need

Features that Drive Revenue

Discover the features that customers that convert or renew their subscriptions use. Simpo can prompt users at risk of attrition or churn to use them.

Usage Patterns Over Time

Usage patterns can reveal account health and user trends that put retention and renewals at risk. See what your users are doing from macro to micro.

Collect Qualitative Feedback

Combine your existing NPS and CSAT tools with in-app qualitative feedback. Collect and make sense of all of this data in the dashboard.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

We'll pull in all of your data so you can get going instantly.

1. Sync with Your Knowledge Base

  • Auto-Sync your data hourly
  • Enrich your data with Simpo’s Smart Language Understanding​
Seamlessly integrates with:

2. Build Smart Actions

  • Turn multi-step FAQs into Smart Actions
  • Get things done in 2 clicks or less

3. Configure Escalations

Quickly escalate to customer support when customers need to talk to an actual person.

Simpo System

When finding an answer requires effort, customers prefer to contact support. As a result, your ticket queue ends up looking like this:
Old Way
However, when you automate the simple things, you free up your customer support team to concentrate on addressing things that actually require a person.

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