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  • Smart Answers Only
  • Standard Knowledge Base Integrations
  • Basic Analytics Dashboard
  • Up to 1,000 Queries
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  • Smart Answers
  • Smart Actions
  • Advanced Insights
  • Standard Knowledge Base Integrations
  • Standard Ticketing System Integrations
  • 3,000 Queries
    Overage Allowed
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  • All features in Business
  • Custom Knowledge Base Integrations
  • Custom Ticketing System Integrations
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Up to Unlimited Queries
  • Advanced Support
  • Advanced security and compliance (SOC2, Vault)

Smart Suggestions

Make it easy for different segments of your customers to learn about new features, discover where they are within your application, and use them. Intelligently promote key features that drive conversion and retention inside the app.

15-Minute Setup

Get started with our super simple point-and-click setup. Easily define and track feature usage and set start triggers to get your customers on-boarded, promote discoverability, and gain insights about what drives user conversion and plan renewal.

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Smart Answers

Smart Actions

Smart Triggers

Advanced Insights

Knowledge Base Integration

Standard Ticketing Integration

Design Personalization

Standard Chat Integration

Advanced Segmentation

White Labeling

Base Queries




Overage Allowed


Simpo provides answers using your customers’ vocabulary

Onboarding and Implementation

Onboarding and implementation of initial setup, Smart Actions, Smart Answers, design, configuration, and standard knowledge base integration setup.

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Enterprise INCLUDED

Custom Integrations

Integration with custom knowledge bases and ticketing systems, including custom support sites, proprietary systems, and password-protected systems.

Start Up -
Enterprise INCLUDED

Premium Support

Dedicated Account Executive, ongoing phone support, and urgent 24-hour dedicated support.

Start Up -
Enterprise INCLUDED

Premium SLA

99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) – any outage time above a monthly pre-guaranteed uptime, you receive Simpo credits.

Start Up -
Business -
Enterprise INCLUDED

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Can I try Simpo for free? Yes, signing up for Simpo starts a free 14 day trial. During this trial period you can enter a credit card and select a plan if you'd like to continue using Simpo.
How do you calculate queries? A query is a request made to Simpo within a single session. A session starts every time a user opens Simpo. When a user begins to type, then erases and types again, that's one session. When a user selects a result (e.g. Smart Action), that's when the session ends.
Can I switch plans? Yes, you can change your plan at any time.
What ticketing and knowledge systems are supported? We support integrations with all major ticketing and knowledge systems, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Desk, etc.

We also support custom integrations with knowledge and ticketing systems, via the Custom Integrations add-on.
What happens after the 14 day trial? If you haven't added a credit card and selected a plan, you'll be downgraded to our free plan. The free plan restricts access to your sites and removes all the shares you've made.
What if a single user submits tons of queries? We throttle excessive usage of Simpo so that you never get charged for excess use, should a single user attempt to submit many queries. You can also blacklist users through the Simpo dashboard.
Do you take feature requests? Absolutely. Our product roadmap is dictated by the things that our customers find most useful. We'll also listen, and respond to product suggestions and feature requests. Your input is super valuable to us.
How do I cancel my Simpo account? You can cancel your account at any time through the Simpo dashboard. All of our non-enterprise plans are month-to-month by default. There are no lock-ins or long-term contracts. We only want you to use our service if you find it valuable.

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