We’re on a mission to
make software simple

That means creating tools that automate away complexity and make software easy to get started and easy to use – every day.

Our Mission Is in Our Name – Simpo Makes Software Simple

Our Principles

Software Should Be Simple

Users of different background get lost even in the best-designed software.

We believe that by automating the onboarding and education layer, complex software can be simple.

Software Should Make Work Easy

Too often feature-rich software gets in the way of productive work.

We believe that software should serve the user, so making it personal is critical to successful  software adoption.

Software Should Make Work Fun

Lastly, software should not just serve its users and make them productive, it should make work more enjoyable.

We believe that great software adoption means great experience.

Our Culture

Work should be fun. We’re here to build useful things, learn and grow, and make our employees and our customers happy.

Looking for an amazing place to work at?

Leadership Team

Yuval Karmi

Chief Executive Officer

Yuval has been coding professionally since he was 12. He’s lived around the world and managed a global internet business before founding Simpo with Yohanan.

Yohanan Hruschev

Chief Operating Officer

Yohanan comes from a product background. He’s started and sold two businesses before meeting Yuval and teaming up to found Simpo.