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Help your users use your product

Simpo lets you create in-app experiences that onboard, guide, and educate your users – without coding.

Use Cases

Web & Mobile In-App Guidance

Get users to “Aha!” faster

Welcome users, then hold their hand all the way to activation, and beyond - with Simpo welcome announcements and in-app walkthroughs.

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Users instantly "get it"

Before Simpo, users would come in, look around, and leave confused. We’re now able to take them from “huh?” to “aha!” within minutes of registration.

Jeff Gove, VP @ Neat
Feature adoption
Drive adoption of 
high-value features

Help the right users discover the latest features, or show them the value of unused ones – with Simpo targeted announcements and step-by-step walkthroughs.

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Segmenting by customer value

Feature adoption is a cornerstone of retention and expansion. We use Simpo Segments to drive adoption of only the most relevant features to the right users.

Tom Ronen, VP @ monday.com
self-service support
Help users help themselves

Let users find what they need in real-time without leaving the app or submitting a ticket – with Simpo Quick Search and in-app Shortcuts.

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83% of users help themselves

How do scale your team into answering 30,000 tickets a month? Give them a dependable way to help themselves. That’s what we use Simpo’s Quick Search for.

Lea Sefarty, PM @ monday.com
in-app communication
Communicate important information

Make sure users are always in the know even if they’re too busy to open emails – with Simpo in-app announcements.

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2.7x more response rates than email

Email, a channel that used to work, started suffering from very low click- through-rates. To educate and update users, we use Simpo announcements to get in front of them at the right moment.

Director of Product @ Major Retailer
surveys & nps
Boost survey response rates

Request feedback when users are most engaged and make it easy to respond – with targeted NPS & custom surveys.

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57% higher response rate

We implemented NPS across our web and mobile apps. The key was to ask users for feedback at the right time – which we achieved with Simpo’s targeting feature.

Bobby Lalvani, CSM @ Neat
Our track record

Why you’ll love Simpo Plus

Simpo is a game-changer. We use it to make onboarding fast, get higher adoption, and collect feedback without users ever leaving the app.
Tom Ronen, VP @ monday.com
Before Simpo, users would come in, look around, and get confused. Now we can give them the guidance they need right in the app.
Jeff Gove, VP @ Neat
What used to take us 3.5 hours to code and deploy each time now takes us a few minutes with Simpo. It changed the way we build and promote new features.
Product @ Walmart
I love Simpo: the product, the people, and the company, and the way the product and people combine effectively to support customers.
Rory Macneil, CEO and Co-Founder